Software-based component identification: The 3D Partfinder

When implementing additive manufacturing, the question arises: Which components are suitable for 3D printing, which technologies or printers can be used to efficiently print identified components?
The Partfinder answers this question with a software-supported component identification based on native CAD data.

Consulting in Additive Manufacturing

Many years of practical experience combined with broad methodological skills will help to provide solutions that make the difference. Implementing new technologies like 3D printing needs to be viewed into the company-specific context to realize an additive manufacturing strategy that has an impact at the bottom line.

Print job preparation with native CAD data: 4D Additive

Software for 3D print preparation. This includes quality check, repair and healing functions, positioning, generation of support structures, 2D/ 3D nesting, collision control and slicing the parts before printing. All this can be done in native CAD data. Enter2net is committed to integrate this solution into modern additive manufacturing concepts.