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The 3D Partfinder enables partscreening for various objectives by writing all available data from a CAD file into a database. Using freely configurable filters, parametric data (including features), calculated parameters (volume, area, wall thickness, etc.) and all attributes such as Production Management Information (PMI) can be evaluated. Data from the ERP or PDM such as prices, batch sizes, materials, surface qualities, etc. can also be easily added.


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Automated component identification

The Partscreening Process

Broad Database

Aggregation of geometric and economic data

Fast Analyses

Define search filters, associate them with Boolean operations

Exact Results

Promote the implementation of AM or Value Engineering

Data Collection

Automated by a batch process, CAD component data with all contained features and attributes are read out and written to a database. Geometric analyses are carried out (e.g. wall thickness distributions) and complexity parameters are calculated. Economic data is also added as attributes.


The database now offers extensive filter options via the definition of search criteria. The combination of filters by Boolean operations enables complex top-down and bottom-up analyses. Depending on the problem, the results are filtered component quantities in the sense of a short list.


Based on the objective of the analyses, the components identified on the basis of numerical data facts are further processed. Parts screening thus provides valuable results for various projects, such as component identification for additive manufacturing or cost reduction projects as part of value engineering.

not only for AM

Broad Range of Applications

Component identification for additive manufacturing:
Analysis of the entire CAD portfolio for components suitable for the various 3D printing technologies and machine types

Investment calculation 3D printing:
Utilization analysis of new 3D printers

Quality Check:
Checking the quality/conformity of CAD data

Identification of identical parts and similarity analyses:
Design-to-cost and value analyses

Spare parts strategy:
Selection and analysis of spare parts for production by means of 3D printing

Complete analysis of manufacturing processes: Component allocation to the efficient manufacturing process



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