Partfinder for Additive Manufacturing: Indentification of components for 3D printing

Software-supported identification of components for 3D printing

With the Partfinder, CAD data of all common formats can be analyzed, evaluated, pre-sorted and converted fully automatically for different 3D printing processes and machine types.

The web interface of the Partfinder allows flexible use in company networks and the system's own script language allows easy integration into PLM systems. The multiprocessor calculation or cluster calculation allows an unrivalled fast analysis with sorting and/or conversion of large amounts of data.

Intelligent filters for component identification

The filters enable a search by linking various criteria with AND/OR/NOT, none/larger/equal and sub-filters to find the appropriate components depending on the problem.

With the Partfinder CAD data or components can be classified according to different 3D printing technologies such as FDM, Binder Jetting/ Multijet, SLM etc., to 3D printers of different manufacturers or generally according to appropriate manufacturing processes.

The 3D models are analyzed to classify the components by geometric data together with additional calculated values such as wall thickness, area and weight and PMI data, like the material of the part.

Wide range of applications in R&D, manufacturing and purchasing

Application case is not only the search for components for 3D printing. The Partfinder can be useful for a variety of applications, e.g. cost reduction projects for the identification of complex components or standardization and modularization projects for the identification of identical and similar components.

In principle, the Partfinder is suitable for analysing all components in terms of the planned or suitable manufacturing process.

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